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Famous Presents Sharam Jey And Ben Morris - 2.12.2006

Author: Amanda Storey
Friday, December 15, 2006
Sharem Jey and Ben Morris @ Famous
Saturday 2nd December 2006

I once read that scientists have discovered that the average American spends two to three years waiting in line ove the course of their lives. If that is true, the average Famous clubber would spend at least twice as long in queues than the standard American. I mean, there's hype surrounding a club, then there's Famous.

But thankfully, having survived the security gauntlet, you are rewarded by an amazing sound system and club interior making the wait worthwhile - just.

The crowd was unbelievably young and with most kids fresh out of year 12 they were most certainly in a mood to party. Kink resident Ben Morris played a rather predictable set of electrohouse tunes; but, as a promotional tour for the new Kink mix CD, it was appropriate for the night.

Sharem Jey jumped on the decks just after 1am with a luscious synth laden opening providing a refreshing change from Morris' more lyrically driven set. Yet, despite a strong beginning, his set became monotonous as there was little variation between each track.

After about an hour, Sharem shifted to a more commercial sound by dropping a solid remix of Daft Punk's Technologic followed by Erol Alkan's remix of Justice's Waters of Nazareth. Sharem sustained the energy with Digitalism's Zdarlight, but unfortunately this vivacity was short lived as his set soon degenerated into a collection of outmoded songs better suited to your local pub's cover band, than a Saturday night DJ (Blur's Song 2 and The Killer's Somebody Told Me).

The final quarter of Sharem's set was particularly awkward as he clumsily tried to mash Roman Flugel's Geht's Noch with Rage Against the Machine's Killing in the Name Of.

Overall, Sharem Jey's set was lacklustre and uninspiring which, given his exemplary performance at Mischief- earlier this year, was disappointing and out of character. Hopefully he will return to Oz in the coming year to set the record straight.