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Sasha 2005 Tour - 10.12.2005

Author: Phil Watkins @ Tranzfusion
Wednesday, December 14, 2005
Sasha shows Melbourne how lucky we are!

When the man Alexander Coe comes to town, there isn't anything else happening. Everything falls to the way side as the one of the creators of the sound that this site was originally based on visits us for the second time this year.

You can't help but get excited after hearing some of Sasha's recent releases and especially if you were lucky enough to catch his Essential Mix from earlier in the year. QBH was definitely the right venue for this with its big stage and recently updated sound system.

When I arrived I was greeted by a crowd that was already 'having it' on the dance floor as Luke Chable really warmed up well, dropping some great tunes and really getting the crowd moving. He has improved greatly after his time in Europe.

But it was all forgotten when Sasha hit the stage and the crowd all cuddled up close to get a glimpse of him. From the massive breaks-like intro there is no comparison to this DJ and the music he plays. Something else that struck me about Sasha is that his new forward-thinking style of DJing using Ableton Live, and his custom made Allan and Heath mixer allows his sets to be as smooth as silk. This was not the type of set that you could isolate a particular track or style of music that really sent the crowd crazy, and this is testament to the whole four hours of musical bliss. After starting off with some incredible breaks tunes, the Progressive Deity got nice, deep and dark playing a style of house that no other DJ could play with such grace. By the third hour the place was in a state of trance with the crowd completely under Sasha's spell. Never have I seen a DJ do this before with such ease. Every tune melted into the next one with such ease. Break down after euphoric break down the future has definitely arrived and it is Sasha and his Ableton Live Sets.

With a hard case to follow I must also take the opportunity to mention Sean Quinn who is very much Melbourne's favourite closing DJ and still retains his crown with a knockout performance that satisfied everyone left for the ride. This was a monumental night of great music and I, like everyone else, will never miss another set from Sasha as long as I live.

Phil Watkins, newly converted disciple of Sasha and Ableton Live.