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Renaissance Present Zabelia & Fanciulli - 25.11.2005

Author: Eugene Scheepers
Wednesday, November 30, 2005
I think having parties on Friday nights is a fantastic idea! A lot of people complain about it, saying they are too tired after work. Bollocks to that! A Friday night is the perfect time to blow off steam after what has inevitably been a crappy week (of course, this only applies to those of you who actually do work, or study, or something equally exhausting). Plus you can still look forward to a full weekend!

So after a particularly nasty week I was really looking forward to catching a brilliant line up at Room 680: Harley Augstine, Mark James, Nic Fanciulli, James Zabiella and recent Melbourne returnee Luke Chable.

Being my first time at Room 680, I was really impressed with the place. It definitely made sense to host a Renaissance party amidst all the baroque furniture and chandeliers!

Considering the powerful line up for the night, the crowd was a little thin. But Melbourne's continuing flood of "can't miss out" parties and festivals meant that any event was going to be fighting for everyone's attention. Despite this, those that did make it were really up for a good night and were not disappointed!

Harley Augstine and Mark James kicked the night off and warmed up the Room perfectly. But things really blasted off when Nic Fanciulli stepped up to the Well, actually there was the Apple Mac, the 3 Pioneer CDJ1000's, 2 mixers, 2 EFX 1000's and any number of gizmos for him to step up to!

The quality of the tracks and the mixing was superb, but it seemed at times like he lost the momentum just a bit. Nic really seemed to be relishing playing for the first time in front of a Melbourne crowd. I am sure he'll be back!

James Zabiella is a real legend in the making! It was awesome to to see his talents behind the decks/gizmos, but even more awesome is the real excitement and energy he brings to his sets. You see him squirming with evil delight and you just know he is about to unleash some hair-raising twisted sounds from his EFX1000! His enthusiasm is infectious and it's something that is often lacking with dour-faced DJs.

It was a great treat to have Luke Chable play the closing set. I think people are quite surprised by the style he DJs in these days. Not sure if its all my cup of tea, but there is no doubting the man's genius!