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Private Function #19 - Featuring Steve Porter (USA) - 28.2.2004

Author: Danni B
Tuesday, March 2, 2004
There is no other club like Private Function in Melbourne. It has a homely vibe with a family like feel to it and as soon as you walk in the door you are welcomed by the locals & know you are in for treat.

Saturday nights Private Function saw their first international DJ hit the decks & what a great choice it was. Steve Porter delivered an electric set starting off on the housier tip then moving to a fine set of prog, tech house & even a bit of techno in parts that had the whole floor moving to his thumping sounds.

I don't think I have ever seen a DJ getting into as much as he was, he was loving the pure energy that was bursting from the crowd & I really felt he was feeding off that.

He kept us all in a state of disbelief throughout his 3 hour set & just when you thought there was no way it could get any better he spun another tune even better than the last. His set was perfectly programmed & his mixing was flawless.

But lets not forget our locals who have kept Private Function the most successful progressive club in Melbourne for the past 2 years.

Bedroomer Paul Beynon started things off nicely downstairs with a nice mix of funky house & delicious prog. Knowing Paul for a while now I knew he was totally getting into it & was loving the chance to play at one of his favourite clubs, in front of so many friends and what a fine set he delivered.

Sunny Side Up local Ferris then took over downstairs & belted out a great set indeed. I don't think I have ever seen a man with hands that move that fast, I actually found myself just standing on the side staring at his skills. He played fresh tunes with a beat you cant stand still to but also throwing in the odd classic like Way Out West's Intensify. A tune that really suited his set, as it was quite intense.

While Sasha Petrovic & Steve Porter were playing at the same time I found myself torn between being upstairs listening for the first half of our internationals set or listening to the damn fine funky prog set Sasha had planned. My feet found me going up & down stairs for the duration of both sets. The usually dark prog lover gave us something we haven't heard from him in a while & was well received from the downstairs crowd.

On & off resident Gavin Martin started things off nicely upstairs playing a trademark prog set that he has been admired for ever since he first hit the decks at Private Function #2. I actually have this man to thank for first introducing me to Private Function & I haven't looked back since.

Dean Millson was getting the crowd pumping upstairs in preparation for what Steve had in store for us, by this time the whole dance floor was covered with punters dancing to PF's main man himself and in anticipation for their first international private functioner.

When Steve had almost finished absolutely destroying the place Aaron Roach turned to me with a look that said, "how the hell am I going to take over from this-". But there was nothing to worry about as Aaron delivered a quality upstairs closing set that made me remember the reason I Iove Private Function & why I so look forward to that time of the month. His mix of banging prog house, melodic prog trance & the odd classic (Tilt "I Dream & Deep Dish's mix of Delirium's "Innocente" to mention a few) was timeless & plays a big part in the vibe that Private Function lets off that many other clubs don't.

When you experience a Private Function you are experiencing a group of people who generally love music & want to share it with whoever they can. They want you to have just as much fun as they are, you can see it by the looks on their faces. February's edition of Private Function set a high standard for what is to come in 2004 & I'm sure this is only the beginning of a very exciting & talent filled year for the PF crew.