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Pharmacy [follow The Leader] - 24.4.2004

Author: Sasamaphone
Wednesday, April 28, 2004
I ventured into Pharmacy having not been to a hardcore trance/acid night in quite some time. As Pharmacy provides the genre of music that started my obsession for dance music, as well as having one of
my all time favourite DJs, the founder of underground acid techno, Chris Liberator, I thought it a good idea to relive the memories of where my adventure in to the world of tunes began.

Arriving at the new and vivacious Moorabbin Tennis Centre at around midnight I was pleasantly surprised at the abundance of great tunes. The crisp autumn air had thrown me directly into the main room, which had troubled me because the outside breaks area was banging out some classics. The sadness was only temporary though as Dee Dee was busting out some hard driving beats that had me dancing pretty much straight after I fumbled for my perfect slice of the dance floor.

Anxiously awaiting Liberator to begin at one o'clock I thought it'd be the right time to cruise the party for some festive photos of the cheerful and spirited crowd. I knew that it wouldn't be appreciated if I took photos after Liberator's set as I correctly knew that he would leave everyone with their hair torn ferociously from their bleeding skulls and their legs shattered from the impact of descending from the ceiling as he finished. Just as expected as
one o'clock hit Liberator proceeded to heave some hard-as-nails monster tunes at our wearing carcasses. Having seen and thoroughl enjoyed his sets several times in the past I wasn't sure whether he could live up to his precedent. It was then I learned not to question myself, or Liberator, as his phat dirty bass lines provided just what the doctor ordered, Pharmacy indeed. Though it was seemingly more driving and less acid and 303 orientated than usual, his reputation as one of my favourite DJ's is reserved.

After I tore myself from the ballistic finish to Liberators set I journeyed outside to the breaks room where I would be pleasantly welcomed by one of my all time favourites BT's 'DREAMING. I
was held captive there for a little while, leaving only because a reliable source had SMS'd me to join him in the 'Back To Ours' room, where Vitalic's mix of Slam 'VISIONS' was being played by Sharpboy. After enjoying the thumping tunes in there I was called out by Cosmic Gate to check out what all the hype is about, then realizing it straight away.

By this time the crowd had elevated to a vigorous pumping ceremony. Hands in the air, highlighted by
fluorescent lasers, shattered lungs screaming at full capacity and although most people had been already torn to pieces by the monster beats that were being cranked all night there was not a motionless body part in sight. The crowd was brought to an immaculate harmony as Cosmic Gate revealed their true talent as hard trance DJ's. Pumping tunes out such as their classic 'FIREWIRE', 'AGE OF LOVE'
(Cosmic Gate RMX) and 'TOMORROW plus many, many more. After an hour of some colossal, psycho hard trance, departure was imminent as the night was just so huge that what was left of my body just couldn't persist.

The succession of all the DJ's in all three rooms to keep me rocking hard all night is highly commendable. I look forward to once again revisiting the party where my passion for trance was reborn.
Pharmacy's promise of 'patented prescriptions of filthy acid punk, nosebleed techno for the soul and smattering of grinding hard trance' was indeed provided and thoroughly enjoyed. Now if I could just find my legs...