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Pharmacy: In Bloom - 11.9.2004

Author: Stephanie Pradier
Thursday, September 16, 2004
For those of you who went to the last Pharmacy this one wasn't such a disappointment. I would put this down to the venue. Altona once again did us proud. Although the pass out area could have been a little wider!

The place was bangin' from the start, apart from the music pumping a little too loud, causing a few distortions, everyone was looking to be in for a fun filled night of rocking!

Decor in the main room was up to Pharmacy standards. The words "Fun Park" were definitely in the right spot. For a fun park it was! From Where's Wally to fluffy doof doofs, nurses to phat pants all were at their best.

The tech room lasers were going off all night, as was the music and the shufflers. The funky tech at the start of the night really got us in the moo d and this room didn't stop until the sun rose.

As for the headliners Marco V, Scott Project and Ken Cold did not let us down. The only place where you could be safe from Marco V was in a different room! Scott Project set was "soooo trancey" but kept everyone doin' it and the deep dirty bass from Ken Cold was just what was needed.

DJ Xpression was rocking the hardcore room for a good part of the night (as per usual) and the funky drum n bass tracks from Osyris in the early morning for me, were absolutely perfect.

As the sun came up in the morning and light began to shed on the many ravers we all knew we had just been to one of Pharmacy's better parties apart from the condensation dripping off the roof all in all a f**kin' crazy arse night was had by all!