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People Under The Stairs - 27.8.2004

Author: Phil Watkins
Wednesday, September 1, 2004
It is always good to see the more acclaimed underground hip hop crews come out to see us and this one was particularly special due to the amount of time that LA based People Under the Stairs had taken to get back to our shores to treat us with the west coast style they are famous for. With tunes like "Pulp Fiction" and "San Fransisco Nights" I was really looking forward to what they would do live, I was told it was actually four years to the exact day that they were last here!

Although I play it a lot on the CD player at home the Aussie Hip Hop crews haven't come across my path in a live sense for quite a long time. As I walked up the stairs of the Prince I was greeted with a semi full venue and two boys and a DJ from Sydney, Bliss N Eso. These guys really rocked the show and warmed well as the true crew started pushing up to the front of the stage with their hands in the air getting right into it. Normally I have found that the warm up artists have problems keeping their crowd at Hip Hop nights obviously because of the calibre of the acts coming on afterwards , but these boys pushed it well and I would particular like to mention a tune called "This is for You" which they finished with, loved it and would recommend you look out for it. By the time PUTS were due on the crowd were well up for it.

One half of the crew Double K who is also their DJ came on and said his piece and decided that the crowd needed to get hyped a bit more than they were and dropped some Public Enemy ! The crowd were theirs from that point on. With a sampler and their mics and Thes One sporting his "Doin' It" jacket and Welcome back Kotter wig it was set to blow up and it did! The crowd were getting down all around the place and I actually felt like there was a real party going on! I have always found the Prince a little stale atmosphere wise although the venue itself needs no further comment as it is one of the best in Melbourne but this was the first time I could feel what was going on inside the place and I loved it. When San Fransisco Nights came through the place was jumping, including me...! The hour flew by and I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Obese on a great production and to the crowd for having the passion that the Melbourne Hip Hop crew is renound for.

Also big ups to DJ Select for dropping "Made you look" by Nas! In all seriousness though I would recommend you check these two guys out as there music really does hold true to the older more fun type of Hip Hop that many fell in love with back in the day and if you get the opportunity to see them live you should treat yourself...!