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Krafty Kuts Breakbeat Bordello - Sydney - 31.7.2004

Author: Danny V
Thursday, August 5, 2004
There's no doubt that Fuzzy set's new benchmarks with the events and locations they put on year after year, this was no exception. They've done it again! Creating a landmark spectacle for the 2004's breaks calendar. (** I was riming in my head as the night came to an early close). There was intense anticipation from all the ticket holders, that this was going to be a massive night that could only be compared to the predicament of the wallabies overpowering the South Africans in the rugby that same night (*and they did).
Martin Reeves (a.k.a Krafty Kut's) is no stranger to the land down under. In 2002 having won 'Best International DJ' at the Australian Dance Music Awards (DMA), he was always going to be a crowed pleaser for this event.

The FingerLickin posters littered the walls of the metro, this was nothing short of a great opportunity to broadcast to the legion of breaks fans that this release was on-sale at the present time, I set myself up to purchase a copy as i knew it would bring back fond memories. The Gates opened at 21:00 pm for the dedicated fans or for those looking to get away from one of Sydney's mid winter weather.

I arrived at the Metro soon after dj Ajaz was polishing off his set, he warmed the crowd for what was to be an all star showcase of just 1 dj lasting a whooping 4hrs, a showcase set that could only be described as butterflies in your stomach. The time was 23:00 it was Martin's turn to take to the stage, the 400 + crowd welcomed this moment as it was time for Krafty Kuts' to serve a fresh platter of hip hop, breaks and funk.

The night had begun when he dropped a bomb! "Plumb dj's- when the funk hits the Fan" it was hands in the air hysteria from that moment, he commenced a shockwave that would not stop till the break of dawn (in Metro terms 3:00am grrrrr damn licensing). Classic traxx like his very own "Trikca Technology" which is always set to be a fav though to some dark n insightful traxx like "Soul of man - real acid punch" which were one of the harder traxx of the night.

Before i knew it the night had flown by and Krafty kuts was thanking us for a great turnout and the lights were on! As i stride down the steep stairs of the Metro you can't help but reminisce that taste in my mouth of wanting more more more.....See you next time Martin thanks for a tops night.