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Infusion 'six Feet Above Yesterday' Album Launch At Volume, Room 680 - 9.10.2004

Author: Phil Watkins
Thursday, October 14, 2004

Industry Rule no 1: With every new album there must be a launch party to celebrate it! It is just a shame that there is only one Infusion album! Those of you who have seen Infusion play live before would know exactly what I'm talking about.

Room is now easily the premier venue to play host to the cream of dance music artists both local and international. The lush main room sound system is second to none in Melbourne so the formula for this evening was going to produce quite a fiery reaction! As I arrived at Glenferrie road and stood in the queue I found myself to be quietly excited about what this night was going to bring, as the queue got longer and longer my smile grew bigger!

As I ventured into the main room for a sneak peak, it was like I had walked into a separate world. Evil Nine were armed with the seemingly obligatory lap- top and the set up was warming the crowd in such a way that I think many people thought all their Christmas's had come at once! With some heavy bass lines moving the crowd into overdrive, for the first time in a while I felt that I was at a real and proper club night full of thick musky fun with the DJs enjoying themselves just as much as the crowd were - and who said that dance music was dead!

It was hands in the air as the night passed in a blur, but I had to pull myself away from the main room to make sure that I caught Ivan Gough in the side room. Suffice to say it was worth it, smooth house beats gave me the all feelings I needed to prepare myself for the big Infusion set.

On the main stage the three boys immediately began to dismantle the crowd with their unique sound, sending waves of bass and good feelings through the main room back to front. Manuel on the vocals, reminded me somewhat of Underworld. The heavy beats and vocals that gave so much meaning to the music without it completely making sense, believe it or not, I consider that to be quite a gift!

Just as I had one of those moments where you think, "damn this couldn't get much better", the infectious hook from 'Girls can be Cruel' crept up on the room and it was on sixth gear! This amazing energy continued with 'Better World' getting the props it deserved. The boys were loving their time on stage. The set concluded with a remix of 'Girls can be Cruel' followed with a new tune which I have not heard before which had the most etheric energy to end the set perfectly. That made sure the next day was to be a blur.

Mark James consequently made sure the night carried on well with his trademark trance.

Well if you are reading this thinking 'yeah I must see Infusion live one day', then get your funky faeces together and do something nurturing for your ears...!