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Hmc @ Honkytonks On Cup Eve - 1.11.2004

Author: Paddles McGerk
Monday, November 15, 2004
After a notable absence, the reclusive DJ HMC graced Melbourne for his second performance this year. I caught a bit of his set the last time he played and was pleasantly surprised, so I was looking forward to seeing him in action again.

I arrived around 12 to a subdued Honky's - there were not many people and the dance floor was empty. This was ok because it didn't take long to get served at the bar, and the music - oscillating between house and R&B - wasn't doing much for me anyway.

Things started picking up by 1 and the music was getting better. I am not a big fan of house, but as far as house goes, it was not bad.

HMC took over at 2. I was disappointed to hear a lot of cheesy vocal stuff early on. I was beginning to lose hope but by 2.30 he began to take the music somewhere deeper and harder. My hopes were quickly dashed when he played more vocal house a few minutes later. My dislike of vocal house notwithstanding, I was impressed with the way he occasionally teased more techno-oriented percussive elements into the mix.

Playing styles ranging from deep, hypnotic house, to Detroit techno, to electro with the odd breakbeat track thrown in as well, HMC gradually built the intensity of the set for the next few hours, taking the listeners on a journey while keeping the dancefloor pumping.

Although I only really got into every second or third track, his skill in crafting the set kept me interested and on my feet for most of the night. All in all, I had a good time, well spent with an excellent DJ.