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Event Review: Tidy Weekender 6

Author: geordielee @ Tranzfusion
Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Tidy Weekender 6 Review, By Catherine Hankinson

When we finally arrived at HALF NINE on Friday night, we were pleased to see security still doing the rounds and peoples cars getting checked. We sailed through without a problem. We had some ticket names to change over which was done efficiently and without any problems.

The only confusion on entering the site was where to park whilst we were checking in and getting our wrist bands, but this was soon sorted. All the queues were moving fast and we did not have one problem getting in. We were all issued with a laminate shaped like a coffin, Tidy badge and DVD.

We finally managed to park, which - bearing in mind we got there late - was not too far from our chalet. We carried our umpteen suitcases and various bags full of stuff through to our room - three girls away for three days, how much stuff do you think we have--

Our rooms were small and rather drab, if I had paid to go there on a holiday I would have been disappointed, but seeing as we only needed a place to crash and shower it would do. We got changed and went to the main arena in double quick time.

The theme for the first night was red, black, or white. There were numerous Freddy Krugers, which were a BIT TOO MUCH and freaked people right out, there were pin heads, vampires, skeletons, witches, fairy's, and my favourite- a guy dressed as a Badger.

This was my first weekender and according to my mates who had been before, Tidy had not gone to as much effort this time round, but I was still fairly impressed.

As I am a funky girl at heart, I spent most of the first night in the tiny funky room dancing to tunes like 'Pump up the Jam' and other old classics. In fact, I got so carried away I missed the Tidy boys....

We finally got back to our room at 5.30am and got showered and changed and spent the rest of the morning in complete madness, throwing water balloons at randoms till daft o'clock in the morning (apologies if it was you!!)

We got our heads down for a few hours, ready for Saturday's madness. The set I was looking forward to was Andy Whitby's, we had his CD on repeat the entire
way down to Tidy and we were more than pleased to find out he was playing. He DID NOT disappoint. It was the first time I had ever heard him play, he dropped 'I'm gonna get you Baby', and we went mental, well done Andy lad.

Every was feeling a little worse for wear on the Saturday night, you could tell by the number of people walking around in hats looking sorry for themselves.

We retired to our rooms, where most of us passed out on any available object we could find.

My friends made it to Mystic Maddox, which got slated, I was to busy throwing more water balloons at randoms...

Sunday we got there on time, only to find out that everyone else had decided to stay in bed for a bit so we went back to the room,. Surprisingly 'set of the weekend award' goes to Judge Jules!! We saw his name and shuddered with fear, but we all went for a listen, and boy was I glad I did, with tunes like Paul Van Dyke 'For an Angel' and 'Send me an Angel' I was blown away, one lad was actually crying he was so happy. Bless. But as we all said later, those tunes are as much as 6yrs old, and when they came out Old Julesy boy was at his peak, he knows those tunes inside out and can mix them blindfolded. So a pat on the back for Julesy.

We then spent the night wandering around listening to all the "Bedroom" DJ's playing all sorts till daft o'clock and then I snook off to get my head down in my mates empty room at about 5.30, only to be awoken at 6.30 by him turning his decks on. Thanks for that.

This was my first tidy weekender and boy will I be back in March - it'll take me till then to recover, the only few things wrong with the whole weekender, were:
- The rooms were minging BEFORE we got hold of them.
- AIR CONDITIONING!! Where was it- We were absolutely melting every night in every room, after r