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Derrick Carter - - 4.6.2004

Author: Dave C
Friday, June 18, 2004
Derrick Carter @ Metro 4/6/04

Arriving to the infamous Metro, packed at around 1:00 on a Friday night was a relatively painless ordeal. Never really having been a sucker for the "big gigs", I was prepared for the worst. The que was short, and the crowd was friendly, perhaps even a touch placid.

Mr Jigga was grooving out as I arrived, their brand of house ain't quite my thing but they do it well, and they looked great filling the whole metro stage At this point I explored the venue, the balcony room had a nice electro groove going on, the bang gang / laser gun guys rocked their electro groove with aplomb.

Now to check out the main event, Mr Boompty Boomp, Derrick Carter. To start we heard some nice chug a lug chi town stylee acid house, good tough swigin grooves with snippets of saucy R'n'B vocals over the top all mixed with the pro style you would expect of an international of Derrick's status. This was all good and well, for a while, but after about 30 minutes or so it wasn;t really going anywhere.

A short hiatus to the top room revealed DJ's spinning 80's and early 90's house party classics, whilst fun lackluster mixing and predictability meant it wore thin quick. On return to the mainfloor, not much had changed, the music a little harder, but all in all a fairly bland big room feel. I didn't see one punter 'loose it' on the dance floor that night, and the fact the DJ was almost ten meters away from the front row of punters must have contributed to this.

All in all the night was fun, but Derrick was a bit disappointing, I would love to see him again, perhaps in a somewhat more intimate setting, funking it up more. There must be more.

Dave C