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Blow Your Own Way Featuring Aril Brikha 100% Live [transmat] - 23.4.2004

Author: SkinDeep @ Tranzfusion
Tuesday, April 27, 2004
The hype for this event has been phenomenal, after the success of their first back at Passion earlier in the year. For good reason, as you'll soon find out. The combination of excellent DJs, great venues and a passionate crew does make for one special party. Multi-page threads on most local forums are testament to this fact!

The day finally did arrive, and was washed out in true Melbourne style. Rain, rain and more rain with no chance of letting up, even by the late hour of 12pm when this beat junkie arrived, friends in tow, drenched almost through and excited as!

You see, Blow featured a very special international guest. Non other than understated Swedish techno icon, Aril Brikha, responsible for one of my (and many others) favourite album adventures, the seminal 'Departures In Time'which includes the classic 'Groove La Chord', among others.

Apon entering the hallowed halls of Honkytonks, I was pleased to see it very full! Obviously not for comfort factors, but it was great to see so many smiling faces, bouncing around to Mr Ben Cromack, techno-meister extraordinaire, giving us all another lesson! A cracking set to start my night (I'm sure Boogs started the night in style tho), and a great warmup for what was to come. He truly is a wizard on the decks.

Aril came on around 1am, and by this time, I was well ready! I can't honestly give a you a moment by moment account, suffice to say he played one of the best sets of the year. Slightly heavier than what I expected, extremely well programmed beats and grooves and soulful melodies just oozing out, one after the other. I do believe that most all people have something in common when it comes to appreciating music, and this is part of what it is. There wasn't a non-smiling face to be seen, a packed club just soaking it all up, cheering on the breakdowns - and at the end of the day, that's what this whole scene is all about. Sharing the love.

If that wasn't enough, Phunk de Sonique followed up with probably the most rocking set I've heard them play. True to their own style, but heavier, thicker grooves and thumping beats, with all of the melodic charm they possess. If you could find a spot to dance (lucky), they would've kept you going all night!

Unfortunately I had to leave during Phunk de Sonique, and as such, missed Cromack's closing set as well, but from all accounts, the night only got better. As I mentioned earlier, the best thing about Blow parties, is the passion behind them, and it's easy to see how a truly great party is the end result. I'm sure there will be another one before too long, and I whole heartedly recommend you don't miss out if you did this time around. A night to remember, music to die for, feel the love.