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Bass Clef Series # I - The Advent [live] - 15.5.2004

Author: chrish @ tranzfusion
Saturday, May 29, 2004
The night is young, I find myself in a car traveling to Altona. Bass Clef Series aey- Melbourne Techno Massive are stepping into the big time. This should be interesting. It has been quite some time, almost four years since Cisco Fererra has ventured across the equator and graced us with his company, and considering all that is going through my mind at the moment is convolution of laplace transforms I cant remember for like of me what his set was like back then, except it was one of the best live sets I cant remember (:-

With an appropriate greeting of fat beats served up from MTMfs own PDT echoing through the building, my eyes firmly fixated on the bar. I was told about Linasfs set, everyone wouldnft shut up about it. He incorporated a didgeridoo into his set, and my friends being avid fans of Linas and didgeridoofs the set seemed to be there cup of tea.

2am, Cisco is about to start, and there was this strange fellow was up on the decks. His music sounding kind of German (-) and I guessed it was Jesco Schuck. There was not much to say about this guy, very ordinary mixing and track selection. Frankly most of our local tech heads would outshine him with there eyes closed.

Word of moth Cisco was having a few technical problems, but once they were sorted he was on with the show and my god, it has been so long, if not four years since I have heard a live set of this magnitude. My faith in live acts has been restored. He was feeding off the crowd, with sweet twisted synths and a really, really dark bass lines. I have never been able explain my take on what I thought dark was to anyone without really confusing them, I only wish I could get a recording of the set.

Cisco was followed by Ben Cromack and Dallas Raft. Now these two put shame to Jesco Schuck. They are inextricably linked with the greatness that is Melbourne techno and have this sort of omni-present glow, an aura that surrounds both of them. It could have been the lighting. I guess I was just getting tired, anyhoo, back to the bar for bit and it was time to leave.

Congratulations MTM, on a job well done. The night was a success and the sound system was incredible. I canft wait till the next installment of the Bass Clef series. Word of mouth Mr Bissmire and Mr Long shall be attending.