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PRIVATE FUNCTION #2 - 2.2.2002

Author: Azztek @ TranZfusion
Monday, February 4, 2002
Describe a great night out. Ok, I will then. Some friends, awesome tunes, a great venue, lots of vibe and beer on tap. That pretty much sums up what I experienced at Private Function #2 on Saturday. Although, this was definitely not a private gathering as you could tell by the numbers of people walking off the street and through the door.

How did you hear about this party I asked one enthusiastic punter. "I heard this awesome music pumping out from this club from Lonsdale St and decided to check it out".

And awesome music it was. Tranzfusion competition winner Jacob Doble opened up the top floor starting off the mood, which was to become a night of awesome progressive trance. Gavin Martin took over the wheels of steel to keep the grooves flowing as only he knows how. He is one of if not Melbourne's best trance DJ. Some new and some old. Just the way I like it.

The night seemed to flow really well, and there's nothing better than a whole heap of friends popping out of the dark corners un-expectedly, catching up with the people I was to meet there and meeting some new friendly faces.

Chris Kasa was first of the PF crew to jump on the decks downstairs, I enjoyed watching him play, he really looks as though he is enjoying himself and his music. The new superstar DJ on the Melbourne scene Hypnose jumped on after Gavin, this time bringing with him some homegrown goodness. For anyone who doesn't know Hypnose is not just a pretty face and a great DJ, but a brilliant producer. See:
His new track, deep, pumping with some great fills would be something I would purchase in a record store any day.

PF Resident DJ Dean Millson continued the flow downstairs keeping it dark and real, reminding me of the Sasha and Digweed sets from a couple of years ago although a little harder. At first glance it might look like Richie Hawtin, but from the sounds comes from the speakers we all know its Dean. Derrick Dennis was next, not only does he have a vinyl collection from hell but he plays a great set. Derricks set transformed into a VS with Mr Millson, then multiplied again with Jacob Doyle getting in on the action. The night finished off nicely with Underworlds "Cowgirl" making an appearance and Derrick throwing on Blue Monday by New Order.

All in all a fantastic night, up front and cutting edge tunes with a dash of the oldies and a party that contained all the prime elements that make a great night out.