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Bentley Rhythm Ace @ Peace - 19.7.2002

Author: michelle pirovich
Wednesday, July 24, 2002
At a time when large scale events are taking second place to the more intimate club nights. I was looking forward to spending a relaxed and highly enjoyable evening with Bentley Rhythm Ace. I wasn't expecting a huge crowd; more a devoted one.

I was greeted at the door however, by my group of strangely woeful looking friends. Rumour had it (and was in fact true) that, Richard who had injured his back after a horrible ending to a parachute jump for the video clip to 'Bentley's Gonna Sort You Out', had in fact reinjured his back just before heading for Melbourne. Under doctors instructions Richard was advised not to fly. Seven were informed of this late on Thursday night and Bentley Rhythm Ace it seemed would not be playing.

Our night however was not to be spoilt. Heading for our beloved side room, (the main room was left to rest for the evening) we were met with that feel good vibe that is Friday nights at Peace. Old skool, hip hop and breaks had all in good spirits.

News then came that Mike, who had flown without Richard would still be playing. An elated crowd suddenly took up every bit of floor space available, dancing was definitely on the cards for all.

Mike played the perfect party set, spirits stayed up all night, smiles were everywhere to be seen and bodies gladly danced away the weeks woes and frustrations.

Not a whole lot more needs to be said really, fantastically funky music and a friendly crowd in intimate surroundings. Thanks Seven you've really got it going on.