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Breaks Ahoy 3- Friday 11th May 2001

Author: Azztek @ TranZfusion
Tuesday, May 15, 2001
It was a calm autumn night, Its 9.15, driving towards the docklands to meet our friends who are all ready for one hell of a night. A special celebration was the occasion, one for the night of breaks and the other for a special friends birthday, Jade.

As we arrived, we were immediately, greeted by friends from a distant past. We raise our heads towards the dockland port, only to see a huge tug-boat shaped ship the "Victoria Star". We knew that this non-profit party, purely for the music lovers, would be perfect in every way, and that "Have a Break Productions" would never disappoint.

There is nothing better than being greeted at the door by smiling security guards and by their sides, the man him self, Brewster B. Low and behold our Tranzfusion ticket winner was checking in the same time I was, Stuart, a face I recall from the recent Kryal Castle party. This was one of the many people I managed to catch up with during the night. This was a reunion like event that seemed to draw like-minded people together.

As the ropes were thrown onto the deck and the boat floated its first few meters, the screams began, and the party had officially set sail. The music picked up and notch, so much in fact that KLF- 3am eternal made an appearance within the first 5 minutes. The dancefloor filled without hesitation and smiles were past too and from one another. This shit is contagous... :) Remember the feeling of your first rave- your first outdoor party- This was captured from the very first instance. The people, the location, the vibe. This was something the "Have a break" crew had set out to achieve, and they have done it successfully.

DJ Pez blew us away from the very start. Old school classics were the flavour of the set and it was a perfect way to start the night. I wondered around for a while checking out the scenery and managed to bump into Brewster B. The man behind "Have a break productions", and one of the people behind the breakbeat explosion in Melbourne. A down to earth, relaxed, friendly guy and a musical genius whose track selection and DJ skills I have admired since my feet first hit the dancefloor. Someone, whose sets have blown away the minds of thousands.

My first impression was that he is for the people, the music and the groove. Trying to bring something new back to a scene which has seemed to loose its edge along the way, and with that, trying to play the best god damn music he knows how. And you know what- He does just that.

Both Brewster's and my love for music shone throughout our conversation. My fascination of his "low key" profile had always made me wonder, why would a DJ that could make my ass wiggle into the break of dawn and make my jaw drop open, only play the second and backroom sets- "is this your choice" I asked- The answer was, no.

PUT HIM ON THE MAIN FLOOR!! Brewster is a DJ people wait and hang out to hear... When he is playing the main rooms are usually half-empty while the backroom is full of people going off to the grooviest beats this side of the universe. He is a DJ known all over Melbourne for his fine track selection and DJ skills. The great thing about this party was, that the 300 people aboard the boat were here to see Pez, Brewster B and Phil K play the prime time, main room sets that they disserve.

I believe this is just the beginning of "Have a break productions", and as Brewster B explained they have a lot more in the pipeline. Have a break productions are taking on new challenges, and with the success of this, their 3rd Breaks Ahoy party, I believe these new ventures will be something that will take the breaks explosion to new heights.

By this stage it was time for Phil K to grace the decks and ready for me to head to the dancefloor to check out the man in action. Nu School Breaks at its finest. The filters, the craftsmanship, the guy is certainly a magician. Low and behold, Tiger Lulu made an appearance next t