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XSIVE - Reunion

Author: Azztek @ TranZfusion
Saturday, October 28, 2000
Event: XSive Reunion

Date: 19th February 2000

Venue: Cage Nightclub

Post Mortem:


Well one of the most successful reunions I have ever attended.

Would another reunion see Jason Midro spin tracks off the Platypus 3 CD or do the words A-C-C-E-S-S mean anything to you-

Would any other reunion play classic tracks from the Early nineties through to today-

Would any other reunion see Will E Tell play his classic Floor burning, Hard hitting, foot stomping, nitro fuelled tunes-

Would any other reunion make your blood boil so hard you think you gonna EXPLODE---

The answer is: NO, unless it was an XSIVE reunion, which this WAS!


The Cage might be a shitty little dungeon with no air-conditioning but it's the people/DJ's and music inside that creates a playground we call "The Rave".

I have had too many fantastic nights @ The Cage to bag it, and last Saturday was no exception.

The moment I stepped foot out of that elevator I was greeted by familiar faces and friends, THEY WERE ALL HERE!. So many people to talk to. I remember going into the back room, yeah there were people on the dance floor but EVERYONE WAS RUNNING AROUND SOCIALISING, CATCHING UP!! HEY I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU SINCE XSIVE CLOSED DOWN!.

As the night went on the tunes got harder and faster, people have had their chit chats and NOW it was time to re-live the spectacle that XSIVE was known for, HARDCORE PARTY PEOPLE GOING SICK!.

By about 3 o'clock the PLACE WAS A ROCKIN! everyone was going nuts, smiles all around, Icey-poles being handed out and no shortage of space because about 30% of the people were out in the infamous Cover Lid Lane Way, chatting, jumping around, smoking cigarettes, just like the good ol days.

I have only experienced XSIVE rave club a handful of times, but what I re-lived on Saturday just made me wish that I had spent more time there.

Ajax played a killer set, now I know where he gets his NRG influence from, those old skool cheezy/trancey tunez have converted into NRG. Scott Alert was no disappointment either, his fluffy style trance combined with that huge smile of brought me back to the days of "The Morning Set".

Tim Bullas started the night off with another classic set and Lani G, pumped out the sounds of yesterday with her sexy looking outfit.

A Newcomer in my eyes Mr Robbie D, going sick as the words "TOTAL CONFUSION" were scratched in over the 2 hour set.

You bet your sweet little ass I will be rockin at the next XSIVE recovery.

Next GENKI 2!!! *warm up* The Sound of Tomorrow...