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Melbourne United #1

Author: Azztek @ TranZfusion
Saturday, October 28, 2000
Date: Friday 6th August 2000

Venue: P.O.W

Post Mortem:

TBH- Chuck E, PIP, Streamline.

The TBH crew opened up the night with a nice, unique range of techno beats. Upon walcing into the heavily decorated Prince of Wales, I managed to catch Streamlines 100% live set, which was full of minimal and warehouse sounds. At this stage people were just arriving.

MUD- Phil Voodoo, Dan Woodman, D-rek and Mad Kow

I have heard very little of these DJ's, considering I frequent the MUD parties.

They got on the decks around 11.30. I then realised they were all mixing together. Yes 3 DJ's on the decks at one time in most cases. MUD's set was very diverse, ranging from a mix of acid, breakbeat, classics and slowly moved into commercial/progressive. At times, it seemed like it was going around in circles. They occasionally missed a beat, but I still couldn't get off the dance floor.

ACID AGENCY- Honeysmack, Rudeboy, H20

Jumped on the decks around 1.30. There is only one word for these talented DJ's. 'WOW'. They were obviously the flavour of the night. I have caught these guys on PBS and KISS numerous times and seen their sets separately, but never before have I experienced the ACID AGENCY perform their wacky and righteous act.

With Honeysmack live on one side (with his wrestle mask), Rudeboy in the middle (wearing the classic Scottish outfit), and H20 on the other mixing up a storm, I could tell we were in for a night of PURE acid techno and a touch of RETRO remixing. As they started off with one of Madonna's classics, remixing it with a thumping beat and continued to play and remix songs such as Kylie Minogue, Rod Stuart, Devo and many 80's classics.

Only the Acid agency could pull this off, as they still packed the dance floor and made many a mouths grin to the wackiness and cheesiness which is now know as "The Acid Agency style". It was then time to get stuck into it, with the typical Acid Techno set these guys are famous for. Fast, thumping and tweaky. It was one of the most amazing performances I had seen all year.

FISH'N'CHICS- Toupee, Cara Caama, Miss Krystal and Katy K.

The essence of Melbourne's female DJ community, in full effect. It's about time the female DJ's of Melbourne got some decent time slots. Usually seeing these DJ's play either at the start of the night or the end. They got placed just when the crowd was ready to rock, and they didn't disappoint. They played a very dark a deep set. Not knowing what to expect from these four ladies, I realised their set was aimed to please with quite a few classics and dark tracks popping up throughout the night.

TERIYAKI CREW- Dee Dee, Slieker and Slack.

First time I have seen these guys together since they have got back from their overseas tour. I caught Dee Dee last weekend at Darntootin and he was absolutely unbelievable, and the Teriyaki set at POW on Friday was much the same. Obviously they have stocked up on some new material and were ready to pounce. Not forgetting to play a couple of well knowners. They finished the night off with the typical smooth style mixing you only get from the Teriyaki crew, banging fresh and full of juice.

As you can see I had a fantastic night. The crowd was great and the lollies and happy cards handed around during MUD's set, started off the great vibe. And the techno--- AWESOME!. I wish events like this came by more often.