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Every Picture Tells a Story 20

Author: Azztek @ TranZfusion
Saturday, October 28, 2000
Event: EPTAS #20

Date: 13th May 2000

Venue: Laverton Warehouse

Post Mortem:

DJ's DEA, Voiteck, Zen Paradox, Honeysmack, PB-909, El Beano, IF- Records, Little Nobody, Son of Zev, Sobriquet, Junk Beats, Ganga Girl, Lumukanda, Sugar, Will e Tell, Simon Digby, Dan Woodman, Mad Kow, Jason Midro, Nick Taylor, Krusty, Abel, Kundalini, Mark Hogan, Steve Robbins, Rudeboy, Jayse Knipe, Slieker, Nick Dem Q, Katy K, Ollie Bobbit, H2O, Spacey Space, Jeff Tyler, Dj Devious, Pure Strife, Kate S

What was that-

A Mammoth event to go down in the Every Picture tells a story books as one of, if not the best EPTAS Melbourne Has ever experienced.

3 Warehouses and 1 outdoor dance floor which pounded beats from 10:30pm until 11:30am the next day.

Congratulations to Melbourne Underground Development for obviously putting in the time and effort to create a most magical playground for ravers and party people alike.

MUD have been at it for over 2 weeks, setting up the 6 point laser show, projections, sound systems and decor (which was something out of this world).

A chill out room to match no other. Cargo Containers built up and around what we call the chill out area. A wall of visual projections, decor filled wall to wall. Buckets of incense, carpet lining on the floor, flowers, trees, you name it this chill out area had it.

Performers running around the dance floor displaying their magical talents. A fire twirling display which astonished thousands of patrons, and yes not the mention THE TECHNO!!!!!

Who needs internationals when Melbourne have some of the best DJ's in the world. The Live and Wired room was pumping to the end with the latest live acts. The Mushroom (main room) saw WETMUSIK give another thumping performance, with Simon Digbys and Will E Tells own tracks being the favorite of the set.

Jason Midro (who usually dishes out the pumping Nu-NRG and classic morning set) played at 3am with a rather different sound and slow sound, but what was with the stopping of the tracks-.

But it was the outdoor dance floor, which created most attention. It was started off DJ Hypnose who displayed his hard, soft, and uplifting trance and everything in between. Followed by Mark Hogan dishing out the start of the crazy music 'psy-trance' who most of us know as us "Outdoor party music".

Green Ant took over this dance floor before the day broke and Sugar brought out his Didgeridoo, other musicians joined in with their drums, symbols and percussion to mix in with doofing hard psy trance beats, which mesmerised hundreds. Who could forget that spine tickling guitar rifts-- Not me…

I give this event 10 out of 10. Everything was perfect except for a few unfortunate people who had to deal with the menace of car thieves.

MUD is back in full force.