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Melbourne Underground Development [M.U.D.]

Author: Natural 1
Sunday, January 1, 1995
M.U.D. is a group of raving lunatics presenting the techno community with the cutting edge of art,
music and technology. They formed out of a desire to combine these three elements and create a party
atmosphere where you are transported to an amazing environment where all inhibitions are lost, allowing
you to feel FREE and ALIVE!!!

M.U.D. is an institution within Melbourne's dance community, establishing the first specifically designed
rave venue, GLOBAL VILLAGE, which was home to more than 60 events over a 4 year period including;
Emerald Forest, Zodiac, Pleazure and the most famous of all, Every Picture Tells A Story series. In early
1997, M.U.D. took Every Picture Tells A Story on the road to produce events with other crews around
Australia and hopefully they'll be joining Adelaide's established rave community soon to help transform
a venue near you into a multi-dimensional party. To find out more stay wired to the official M.U.D.