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Why We Love Woodford

Author: Johnny Sparklechops
Thursday, September 25, 2008
Something happens when you enter the Woodford Folk Festival. It's almost as though you can feel your hair growing and your attitude changing, as you glance across the vista in search of a tree worth hugging.

And it lasts too. Book in for the full 6 days and before you know it you will be dropping your guard, empathizing with strangers, and you never know, maybe even enjoying yourself.

The Woodford Folk Festival is like no other in Australia, with a central village and a community of like-minded party people removing themselves from the chaos of Christmas.

Last year saw Red Eyes and The Toothfaeries seeing in the New Year, which is a testament to the rootsy demeanor of the event and its laid back organizers.

This year's line-up won't be released until October 25, but no-one cares. Sure there are bands to see, but it's more about losing yourself in the hills for a week, only with chai and samosas and beer on hand.

Complimenting the music are dances, workshops, forums, street theatre, writers' panels, a film festival, comedy sessions, acoustic jams, social dialogue and debate, a mini festival for the kids, art and craft workshops, plus a dangerous looking fire show after dark.

You can probably cram a fair bit of that into a day pass, but you'll need to be there a bit longer if you want to nurture the small part of yourself that wants to be John Butler.

Top tip: It sounds obvious, but pitch your tent on a hill, not in a valley. If it rains (and it does), you'll know why.