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Why We Love Stonefest

Author: Johnny Sparklechops
Tuesday, September 23, 2008
People who tell you Canberra is full of politicians and public servants tend to forget that for 40 years the city's University has been staging a festival directed at a demographic beyond those with bad suits and haircuts.

Stonefest was first held to celebrate Prime Minister John Gordon pulling out his scissors and unveiling the university's foundation stone in 1968.

It wasn't, as some might think, to celebrate the introduction of bongs into Australia's Higher Education system.

In actual fact, the festival started off very low-key as Stone Day, then grew into Stone Week, had a brief flirtation with themes such as 'return to Woodstock' and the slightly odd 'alien abduction', then settled on Stonefest in 2000 (phew).

Since then it has continued to grow healthily each year and now attracts an impressive line-up and a huge crowd of local and interstate revelers.

Among those on the two-day bill this time around are Grinspoon, Faker, Regurgitator, The Grates, The Drones, TZU, Dexter and a whole load more, but it's likely to be The Dandy Warhols who have punters reaching for their cigarette lighters.

Ticket details are as follows;

General admission $80.30 from all Ticketek outlets, online, and at Landspeed Records (Garema Place, Canberra City).

In order to get a General Admission Ticket you must:
i. Present a current and valid Proof of Age Card
ii. Read our Stonefest Essentials

Student tickets (UC/ ANU/ CIT) are only available at the UCU Print Shop (University Of Canberra Hub) at $52.80 + booking fee.

In order to get a UC/ ANU/ CIT Student Ticket you must:
i. Present a current and valid UC/ ANU/ CIT Student Card
ii. Present a current and valid Proof of Age Card
iii. Make sure your enrolment details are correct
iv. Read our Stonefest Essentials

Note: Only 1 ticket per student number will be issued (no exceptions).

$60 + BF UC Alumni & UCU Life Members tickets are now available only from UCU Print Shop (University of Canberra Hub).