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Infected Mushroom - Infectious Music

Author: Rezo
Monday, November 17, 2008

3D’s Rezo chats with Amit Duvdevani, aka Duvdev, of Infected Mushroom, heading to Australia this month for Stereosonic.

For the band that calls Israel home, it was always going to be a difficult transition moving to the United States. But they did it and four years later, there are no regrets.

“We came in 2004 and it was a great move for our careers,” Amit Duvdevani says. “When we first came to the USA it was a new market for us but now we feel at home in venues across the country. It is a great place to visit and a better place to live”

Touring takes up a large chunk of their time, but they still manage to find time to work in the studio. They claim their new album is almost complete and we expect it early next year.

“We are always in the studio when we have time off,” Duvdevani says. “We are always manipulating sounds and learning how to make our music better. Our priority right now is getting the new album out. Fans who’ve seen us recently have been able to get a sneak peak of some of the music on the new album and we think it has been well received.”

When Infected Mushroom hit the scene towards the end of the last millennium they were decidedly psy-trance. Their music was influenced by the Goa trance movement and for the longest time they were one of the principal exponents of the sound. In 2008, they accept what people still perceive, but they also suggest there is evolution in their music.

“There has to be,” Duvdev explains, “or we would get old in the eyes of our fans. Our new album will have some psy-trance on it although you can really look forward to other types of music. Think V.D. but harder!

“We are an electronic band so the only thing constant about the sound we produce is that it is made electronically. Some of our music is slower, some quicker, some rock, some breaks. Our song Artillery that featured in the movie Don’t Mess with the Zohan is a great example of our genre-defying taste in production.”

And in 2008 they remain as motivated as ever.

“Our fans keep us motivated,” Duvdevani says. “Seeing the dancefloor explode is what gives us vision in the studio. As far as influences, we like Depeche Mode, Metallica and Primus; there are many groups that we enjoy. To think of what we like the most is just impossible because there is so much good music to choose from. All we can do is continue striving to put on our amazing shows. The venues and productions on this upcoming tour will be top-notch. We are excited to get back down under and drink a lot of Fosters.”

WHO: Infected Mushroom
WHAT: Play Stereosonic at Home
WHEN: Friday 28 November