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Author: sparklechops
Wednesday, October 17, 2007
It was T-Rek's birthday last month.

I know that because, for the last 10 years or so, sometime in September I've found myself dribbling into a beer while the T-Rek Annual Shenanigans raged around my overwhelmed head.

Marking the start of silly season for those of us with a penchant for trouble, these celebrations have not been for the weak-hearted. At one point a few years back, I found myself drawing a line around Mr Rek's motionless body with a piece of stolen chalk as he slept like a new born baby on the floor (you know, waking every couple of hours for a cry and stuff).

Fun- Shit yes. Between 2001 and 2006, I honestly thought my pants would never dry.

But here we are in 2007 and I've just got the call to interview 'Melbourne's leading underground club DJ and producer', who just happens to be my old mate. A quick Google search on his name has since unearthed a host of reviews that have popped up while I wasn't looking, including descriptions of him as a 'warped genius' and a 'nu-wave electro maestro'.

Fuck. So he's doing OK then.

A further investigation into the world of T-Rek and Freakshow Disco Productions (which basically involved catching up with him for a beer) taught me that he's been a busy boy for the last few years.

"I've toured Japan twice, released three albums, remixed everyone from Snoop Dogg to Something for Kate, played about 12 million gigs, supported some of the biggest names in the business, sold a bucket load of tracks on Beatport, run three separate bands, two record labels and I've also managed to give up smoking.

"Actually, I'm a bit pissed you didn't know".

Of course I knew. It's just that having retired my clubbing career in favour of a cup of tea in the burbs, I'm not privy to the raucous parties T-Rek has organised and performed at recently, nor the huge following he's picked up along the way.

Once I checked out Freakshow Disco volumes 2 and 3 (his new collection of dancefloor monsters), I realised that I may also have overlooked the work he has done to ensure that each of his offerings is as much of a visual treat for his peeps as it is musically.

"I've been getting more into the art that packages my releases. The images from the new album were taken in Tokyo by a crazy friend of mine and give a pretty good idea of my state of mind at the time. The next one I do will probably contain a DVD with footage of live gigs and studio wig outs, which I always enjoy.

"So what the fuck have you been doing-"

Er…..I got drunk with the guy from the Eagles of Death Metal. That was cool.

He went on, ignoring my name-drop.

"Then there was the time I spent in Barcelona last year pushing the label, meeting the right people, playing the major festivals and writing, writing, writing."

Shit. I went to Barcelona this year and the only thing I achieved was getting trolleyed on the beach and losing my phone. It doesn't look nearly as impressive now somehow.

"I've played drums with Kim Salmon, pressed around a dozen vinyl projects and collaborated with some of Australia's biggest upcoming names" he said, clearly rubbing it in.

"Did I tell you I'm launching a new live act at the Stereosonic Festival in December-"

Alright, alright. Don't go on about it.

"And I've also dabbled in Scientology. You know, nothing serious, just for the contacts and stuff. You could say I'm a 'social Scientologist'."

I asked him if it was working.

"Well, Kate Ceberano was on my plane the other day, but I'm not sure if that was connected. To be honest, I'm starting to think I should have gone with Hillsong.

"They're much better promoters. "

T-Rek plays:
Altitude on October 19
Lounge on October 27 (album launch)
Real Synthetic (Syd) on November 2
Tramp on November 5
Lounge on December 1 (official Freakshow D