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Author: BB
Wednesday, November 28, 2007
Tell us about what productions we've got to look forward to from you-

After finishing a remix for the upcoming Scream & Shout release from Swank Tunes called 'No more fear' I'm currently working on song writing and new vocal recordings for releases in the near future. I don't know exactly how it will sound yet, but I guess I will produces quite different styles for one single release like I did with the more melancholic one of my current release 'The Way'. I suppose in one mix one will recognize my pumping style and in another one may not.

Electro house is massive phenomenon in dance music at the moment, but like any other form of music it can only last so long. Where do you see the sound going over the next few years-

Very difficult question. The current electro style, which often doesn't differ that much between a lot of different artists has been around quite a long time and still works quite well. I still like the powerful electro sound with its racketing sawtooth elements, but I am curious about the development of the crow'd taste. I'm no psychic, I could only guess where it's going to go next.

Currently I prefer a more melodic way of producing like I did in my 'At night mix of 'The Way'. I would find it a good development of the dance market, if a sound, which includes more complex harmonies in the breaks as well as in the dance parts, would be liked also in the peak time bits.

Step away from dance music - who are your favourite bands and artists-

Apart from club music I like to listen to quite melancholic CDs like Cafe del Mar or calmer rock tunes like Coldplay. This is not music I'd like to listen to in a club, but rather just for listening. I also like old trance tunes from Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten and James Holden. I think in general one can say that I prefer electronic productions for every mood of the day.

Pump us up about your upcoming sets in Australia. What have you got in store for us-

Apart from my productions the people know, I have some of my own stuff which isn't released yet which worked really well at the two gigs I have already played here. Besides this, I really like playing stuff by Sander van Doorn, Dave Spoon, Axwell, TV Rock and other production in a similar style.

If you could eradicate one musical genre off the face of the planet, what would it be-
Well, I wouldn't want any other person to want to eradicate my music style so I think one should not do that. Even German Hit Music can be good for cleaning your house! I think only songs with references to racism and violence or stuff like that shouldn't exist.

Catch Klaas on tour:
Sat 1 Dec Stereosonic, Melbourne
Sat 1 Dec Bloc, Penrith
Thu 6 Dec Cabana, St Leonards
Fri 7 Dec Metropolis, Fremantle
Sat 8 Dec Family, Brisbane