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Why Sounds of Spring Sounds Good

Author: Johnny Sparklechops
Tuesday, September 23, 2008
On October 11, Brisbane gets an all-ages event designed to welcome in the oncoming heatwave, hopefully responsibly.

There is a healthy line up of Aussie acts booked to play Sounds of Spring, with music genres spanning the rock n roll of Grinspoon
to The Herd's homegrown beat soup.

Chuck in some Children Collide, Resin Dogs, Spiderbait, Gyroscope and the always amazing Rocket Science, and you've got all the right ingredients for a fun day out.

There's also room on the bill for a local band to pull off a postcard moment, with 5 finalists fighting for the right on October 11.

It's down to Black Mustang, The Cairos, The Pretty Boys, Wind & Brackets and The Gallant, so if you're mates with the drummer from one of those bands, expect to receive a Facebook flyer pretty soon.

Until recently, the local council had dictated that any patron aged 15-18 would be required to bring a parent to supervise their trip to the toilet, market stalls and mosh pit, a rule most teens would consider tantamount to child abuse.

Thankfully the powers that be have decided to drop the harsh restrictions and will now only be embarrassing 12-14 year old at the gate.