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Why We Love Queenscliff Music Festival

Author: Johnny Sparklechops
Friday, September 19, 2008
Some people prefer to play Backgammon to Texas Hold'em.

And if you're one of those people, and you live in Victoria, and you're partial to a bit of blues and roots, you're probably familiar with the Queenscliff Music Festival.

Artists such as Geoff Achison and Ross Wilson have made this place their home in the event's 11 year history, and this year you can expect similar comfort from the perfectly booked Josh Pyke.

As well as a quality line-up, the organizers also claim to offer 'circus marquees, a grand and ornate Victorian ballroom replete with chandeliers, an oddment of 50's buildings as well as intimate church spaces, open air street action and the internationally famous Festival Train.'

Many know it as the Blues Train, a regular jaunt for Melbourne based jazz hounds, and if you've never sunk a beer on a steam locomotive while Blind Bingo McFly (or whoever) offloads his soul 12 bars at a time-you really haven't lived.

The festival attracts an eclectic crowd, although that doesn't include the glowstick brigade. Go to hear real music, eat well and glide around town like a dandy at the regatta.