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Nic Fanciulli - The Rising Star

Author: David Knight
Monday, February 2, 2009

3D’s David Knight speaks with British deep tech-house producer Nic Fanciulli about festivals, business cards and his new album.

What was your major highlight of last year, and do you have any resolutions for this year-
My major highlight was the giant warehouse party we did in my hometown of Maidstone for BBC Radio 1. Laurent Garnier played and 3,000 people turned up.
Your collab with James Zabiela – One+One – caused quite the stir, are you planning to work on anything further, or do you have any other producers in mind to work with-
We are always talking about doing stuff together again in the future, however we are both doing our own thing at the moment so there are no plans. I am mainly concentrating on lots of ‘Nic Fanciulli’ stuff at the moment.

On the production front what have you been up to lately-
I’ve been busy writing Nic Fanciulli singles, some of which will appear on the new album. I also made a new single for Ovum and Sci-Tek, they are coming out March/April time.

How is the Skylark project going-
There is the Skylark single coming soon and I am also concentrating a lot on our label, Saved – we have releases coming up from Mark Broom, Rolando, and Joel mull, and JZ and I are always talking about future projects, but there are no plans for now, we are both busy doing our own thing.

Tell us about this forthcoming album for Global Underground…
It’s a new concept for Global Underground; it’s a showcase of me as a DJ and producer. It allowed me to get pretty creative, picking old and new and exclusive tracks for the compilation. I’ll also be doing a massive four-month world tour to coincide with the release.
You also said that you think of productions as an ‘expensive business card’. Do you wish certain producers would produce for the sake of producing and not getting a name out there and then again that some DJs would stick to DJing and not producing-
It’s just down to personal taste and what the artist wants to do, making music helps your profile undoubtedly – but you have to enjoy what you are doing otherwise there is no point.
Apart from house and techno we know you like your dnb – are you still slipping a bit of this in your sets- And when you do it, is it kinda like Laurent Garnier does when he tails off a set with a bit of dnb- Would you do this in Oz-
With some of the clubs I am playing it is difficult to always be able to add in some dnb, but there are certain places like Tokyo and London where I can pay it – although usually I keep it to my mixes and podcasts.
You’ll be playing Playground Weekender on this visit, which has a reputation as a festival where DJs can step outside what’s normally expected of them (breaks DJs playing dub sets, hip hop DJs playing acid house sets) – do you have anything in particular planned for your allotted slot-
I have heard it has a great vibe and that billed acts can push boundaries with what they do in their set so I think I’ll see what its like when I get there and decide on the day! I’m excited to be playing there for sure.

WHO: Nic Fanciulli
WHAT: Plays Playground Weekender, Del Rio Resort / Club Club at Chinese Laundry
WHEN: Saturday 7 February
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