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Why We Love Meredith

Author: Johnny Sparklechops
Wednesday, September 10, 2008
Forget birds pecking berries on the mountain ash and the wild predictions of Punxsutawney's groundhog.

Because if you live in Victoria, you know that Spring is about to be sprung when the first line-up for Meredith has been announced and the tickets sell out before you can say 'that time already-'

The one stage rule means that the early birds get the best positions at this gig, so by lunchtime on Friday the idyllic grassy knoll out front is littered with sofas, banana lounges and the first of those lucky ticket-scoring bastards.

This year, as with the previous 17 outings, there's another fine line-up of artists who promise offer something a bit different from the standard outdoor bonanza.

That's because the smart folk who manage this event prefer to treat the audience to a more eclectic weekend of music and mayhem, with performances covering the rock n roll of Black Diamond Heavies to the chunky beats of Muscles (and quite often a lot in between).

Playing times always seem as random as crowd, and the bands you've never heard of, or have never seen, end up being better than those you have.

But if watching exhausted festival kooks running naked through the countryside is your thing, it's the Meredith Gift on Sunday afternoon that's sure to float your boat.

Top tip: Get there early for prime real estate.