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Why We Love Homebake

Author: Johnny Sparklechops
Thursday, September 11, 2008
Scoring tickets to Homebake requires the same kind of strategic planning the SAS employ to rescue hostages.

This year the 20,000 ticket allocation was dust within 10 minutes, as everyone under 35 and living in New South Wales clambered for a chance to see Crowded House headline one of Australia's favourite festivals.

The first outing was staged in Byron Bay in 1996, but organisers took the show to Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast in later years, before settling on the NSW capital in 2000.

Since then, only Sydneysiders have enjoyed the pleasure of going home after an event that boasts 4 stages, a massive cinema tent, a food fair, market stalls and a host of roving performers.

Apart from a bit of Kiwi-kleptomania, the gig remains entirely homegrown, having played host to just about every major Aussie band since kicking off with Grinspoon, Powderefinger and the 'Gurge in 1996.

Last year was the first time Homebake was staged as an over 18s gig, which pissed off a few 17 year old Missy Higgins fans.

But at least most of the Divinyls followers had no problem getting in.

Top Tip: If you've got a ticket, you know more than me. Enjoy.