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Micky Slim - The Other Slim

Author: Rezo
Monday, December 1, 2008

Birmingham bass bomber Mickey Slim has made a name for himself as a Godskitchen resident, getting a further break when he stepped in to record a BCC Radio 1 Essential Mix after the intended DJ, one James Zabiela, found himself stuck in traffic. Not bad, huh-

“Obviously, it started out as a hobby,” Mickey Slim says of his DJing career. “I never intended it to get to the level it got to but I think I can put it down to one DJ – and that is Nic Fanciulli. I met him in Ibiza and I got the bug for it. I did a bit of travelling with him and it was like my induction – the most perfect and amazing introduction to music one could hope for!”

House music has always been something close to the heart of Mickey Slim. A sprightly 30, he still considers himself young and fit, and only just cracking out of his shell.

“I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but I’ve always loved music,” he admits. “I was a clubber first, and I’m still basically a clubber now. I’m the one you’ll still find at the bar at the end of the night. I was more of a bedroom DJ at first and did that for the first five or six years. Then I graduated from that and started doing my own night in the Midlands here in the UK near where I was from. Then I got a residency at Godskitchen and my tunes got picked up around the place.”

It was his Jump Around bootleg that catapulted Mickey into the limelight and gave him worldwide exposure – and that level of new-found publicity is encapsulated perfectly when the likes of Fatboy Slim – coincidentally joining Mickey at Good Vibes – plays his songs. “It’s just mad to see someone of that level playing your material,” Mickey beams.

He’s also currently developing the ‘Bomb Squad Sound System’ in the UK – essentially a new party concept with a massive focus on sound systems.

“I want to take it back to when I got into; like when there was a speaker stack in a field somewhere,” he says. “Something bass oriented, because good music is very exciting and sounds much better on a big sound system.”

Perhaps then, like those at Good Vibrations-

“It will be in your face,” Mickey boasts.

“I don’t like pigeon holing myself into specific genres. If people want to ditch all their preconceptions of chin stroking and things like that, I’m all about playing good music and having the people enjoy it for what it is. It’s a party at the end of the day, right-”

WHO: Mickey Slim
WHAT: Plays Good Vibrations at Centennial Park & Good Vibes after-party at Chinese Laundry
WHEN: Saturday 14 February