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Sasha - Highly Invol2ved

Author: Rezo
Monday, November 24, 2008

British DJ/producer Sasha is hardly a man that needs an introduction to Australian audiences. Beginning as an acid house DJ, his collaborations with John Digweed pioneered the progressive trance and house movements. In town for Global Gathering, 3D’s Rezo had a chat with the legend.

Born in northern Wales in 1969 those heady times as a young DJ at clubs like Shelley’s, the Haçienda and Renaissance might seem like a world away now for Sasha. But it was the relationships formed in those days that undoubtedly paved the way for his future success. Of note was the partnership formed between Sasha and John Digweed. Then there was a whole host of productions and remixes for artists from Urban Soul to M People and the Pet Shop Boys.

It was probably Sasha’s 1999 release on Deconstruction Records, Xpander EP, (co written with Charlie May of Spooky fame) that made people stand up and take notice. A warm and melodic excursion into the trance movement it combined waves and climaxes, noise and ambience, to create a soothing combination of music that had far reaching appeal. Not to be out done of course, he decided to follow up in 2002 with his debut artist album, Airdrawndagger.

Early on though, he admits, he knew nothing about producing. “That whole time when I was producing and doing remixes I would just show up to the studio with a box of records with my latest tunes and we’d sample them!” he laughs. “I could play keyboards, so I’d do that, and I’d do the arrangements on the desk, but in terms of the technology, I had no understanding of it, because I didn’t have any of my own gear and we were always under the pressure of time being in a big studio.”

Ultimately, it led Sasha to realise he wanted to concentrate on doing his own thing rather than doing remixes. This culminated in the launch of his new label emFire and one of his more recent works titled the INVOL2VER mix – something the press release claims is a “painstakingly created blend of mix and artist albums in which a world class DJ pushes his creativity to the very limits, helped by a team of studio experts.” The mix is released on Global Underground and features a diverse collection of tracks (including bits from Badger, Charlie May and Telefon Tel Aviv) with Sasha recreating them into a collage of beautiful noise.

And what’s in store for Australian fans at Global Gathering-

“I’d like to return some of what I have been given,” Sasha says. “I try to balance between giving and receiving. Any time I play, including in Australia soon, I plan to give you only the best show possible. It will be an experience, I promise you!”

WHO: Sasha
WHAT: Plays Global Gathering at Entertainment Quarter / INVOL2VER through Global Underground / Stomp
WHEN: Sunday 30 November / Out now