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Why We Love Falls Festival

Author: Why We Love
Friday, September 19, 2008
Because it's fucking awesome, that's why.

Set in 2 idyllic landscapes, one in Tasmania, the other in Victoria, Falls is the New Year's mecca for the festival true believers.

Unlike other events, where saying 'it's all about the music, man' makes you sound windswept and interesting, here you just come across as a git.

Because the Falls experience is about losing yourself (quite literally for one dude a few years back) in the views, the vibe, the place, the people, and OK yeah, the music.

It all started in 1993, when 11,000 people were convinced to see in their New Year under a Lorne waterfall with The Sharp, Cosmic Psychos and The Badloves.

Although presales had been modest, the spectacular Christmas weather was a Godsend and everyone left making sweeping statements such as 'best party EVER' and 'don't remember a thing'.

Since then Falls has grown into 2 monster events, taking responsibility for Tassie's New Year happiness in 2003. The weather hasn't always been as kind as back in the day, but nobody cares anymore.

Tickets are another mission impossible, but worth fighting for.

This year the lucky ones will get to wallow in the delights of Franz Ferdinand, The Hives, Santogold, Fleet Foxes, and way more names than I can be arsed to type.

They will also get to hang out at the Falls Arts Village, check out the local talent at the People's Stage, chill out watching a movie, cool down under the mista and drink cold beer in the open air.

So the thing your partner said you should do instead of heading to Falls had better be pretty damn good.