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Why We Love Earthcore

Author: Johnny Sparklechops
Thursday, September 18, 2008
You can say what you like about the Bush Doof community but they sure know how to party.

Since 1992, Earthcore mastermind Spiro Boursine had been convincing several thousand kids in big pants that it's a good idea to drive to a remote location and dance your arse off 3 times a year.

Unfortunately, during this time Boursine has experienced more than a few headaches from nervous councils around the state, who seem to think that anyone under 30 with a tattoo is dangerous to the community.

So much so in fact, that he has sworn that 2008's gig will be the last adventure for the Earthcore faithful.

(Hey, they said that about John Farnham and he's had more returns than Marty McFly, so not everyone's convinced).

Some huge acts have taken the stage at Earthcore's 30 or so festivals, including regular appearances from Satoshi Tomiie, Juno Reactor, John 00 Fleming and D.A.V.E the Drummer

And in recent years line ups have become far more eclectic, to include band such as Labjacd and The Cosmic Psychos who played the main stage in 2006.

Our advice- Check it out before it disappears. Your trashy doof grandkids will talk about it like it's Woodstock.