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Why We (will) Love Coaster

Author: Johnny Sparklechops
Thursday, September 11, 2008
The people behind Coaster claim their September event is perfect for anyone 'aged 5 to 105 with a love of music, art and the outdoors'. But it's even better if you live somewhere near Gosford.

Not much to say about this one yet, as 2008 is the first outing for its enthusiastic organizers. It's looking very good so far though, with some of the biggest names in Australian rock n roll gracing the stage on September 20.

The Living End top the bill, with Kisschasey, Cog, Potbelleez and Blue King Brown all sharing the main arena.

However, it could be the second stage that provides you with a post card moment, as the Snob Scrilla crew are joined by Aussie next big things, Children Collide.

Of course, being an Aussie festival it has sold out well before the gates open. Management promise to come back 'bigger and better' next time, but unless you've already scored a ticket to this year's event, ignore everything you just read.

Top Tip: Simple-..Children Collide. Catch them while you can.