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Gay For Pay

Author: 3D
Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Witness a gay resurrection as Gay Bash returns for a Stimulate Growth At Our Money Gra$ party on Saturday 7 March at Oxford Hotel. If you attended last year’s sell-out event you’ll know vaguely what’s in store, although this year’s extravaganza promises excess of an even higher order. On the ones and twos will be K.I.M. (The Presets), Dangerous Dan, Nicky Night Time (Van She), Sleater Brockman, Mark Murphy, Hoops, Pip & Aimee, Magic Happens, Radge, Sirens, U-Go-B, C.G.U. (No Answer), Tyson (Health Club), Spruce Lee, Mr. Disorder, Booms, Stew York (Starf*Ckers), Bitch Science, National Treasure, Bloodfart, M&M, Jack Mannix, Graz, Berko, Goldie & Willard, Ms Fitz, Sex Azza Weapon (Exclamation Point), Jovi Bear (Bandits), Romy & Michelle and Perfect Snatch. Expect a few surprise guests and also performances from Della Deluxe, Gaffy Gaffiero, and Peter Entendre. Tickets are available from moshtix.