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Nine Inch Nails Album Launches Via Web

Author: News
Monday, March 3, 2008
Nine Inch Nails has decided to run parallel to the Radiohead formula and release a portion of their new album free to listeners through their portal.

Entitled Ghost I-IV, the new album launched over the weekend on the official website and gives fans an insight into the latest instrumental offerings from the group responsible for big numbers like 'Head Like A Hole' and 'Closer'.

Punters can get their hands on the first nine songs from a massive 36 tracks - recorded during the US autumn - with the complete album available for less than $10.

For the hardcore fans, there is a $300 version of the release, which includes a vinyl set and Giclee prints all signed by Trent Reznor.

The move comes at a time which see artists embracing the online culture - Radiohead famously released their latest with a punter-priced album earlier this year with much buzz from music communities.

CD out later this year, which means you're better off downloading it anyway!