TF Archives Guards Britney - Related Content Suggests Otherwise

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008 has got their pontificate on by suggesting media should leave Britney alone. Yet a related content links suggest they get just as much out of the coverage.

In an article posted on the site, a writer suggests it's time to back away from the starlet while she regains a relatively normal lifestyle.

While also suggesting that media might have played its part in Heath Ledger's death in January, the journalist states that the media now has a 'responsibility to back off and give the woman some peace'.

"They're the mostly male-dominated tabloid paparazzi, followed closely by the somewhat more respectable but only slightly less harassing members of the mainstream entertainment press, representing publications like People, Us Weekly and others," Michael Ventre argues.


If this is the case, why are there no fewer than two links to related content that suggest also uses the Britney show to promote related content, as well as make money from their advertisers-

Naming the other sources is like saying, "We are the best. We would never invade the privacy of others."

We all know how that works, though, don't we-

Whoops. It might be better to say, "Time for us to pull in our heads before we go about bagging others."

Here's the laughable screengrab: