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Interview - Morcheeba

Author: Sarah Link
Friday, March 28, 2008
Congratulations on the new release 'Dive Deep'. You have said that this album has restored your faith in music. How so-
Well it was great to make an album without pressure and really enjoy the creative process with a cool team instead of the kinds of problems we had in the middle of our career.
I thought maybe I had grown out of it but I realized there is nothing I prefer doing.

This album is your first in five years. What's been happening- Have you been working on other projects during this time or just enjoying life-
We were working on the album, traveling and I got to spend lots of great time with my family.

Obviously you've worked at close proximity with your brother during the creative process, do you see each other much when you're not working-
Not really there doesn't seem to be much point. He occasionally visits to see the kids but we always end up talking about work or Music. We have spent so much time together in the last 15 years we are lucky to still have the closeness.

'Dive Deep' is a very different sound to your previous albums. Did you have a very clear image in your mind of how you wanted the album to sound-
Dive Deep is not that different, having a variety of guests is a bit of a change but musically we are still coming from the same place. Not having pressure allowed us to really explore the possibilities though.

Do you have a favourite track from the album- Or is it a bit like picking a favourite child-
I like One Love Karma but they are all cool with me.

The album is your first without Skye (Edwards, previous lead singer) or her successor Daisy Martey, were you nervous with how it would sound without a lead singer-
I was nervous it may sound too interesting LOL ;))

'Dive Deep' contains not one but five vocalists: Did you search for particular singers or did they find you- Did you have concerns about the continuity of the album with so many different voices-
No I didn't have any concerns, I knew I would enjoy the challenge of making it all work. I searched for voices that I knew would compliment our style. It took a while to discover them but they were perfect.

The cover art on the album is fantastic. How was it made-
It was made in a big box with strings.

When you're not busy making music, what do you love to do- How do you unwind-
At the moment I am really enjoying exercise and cooking. I love to have fun with my kids and explore the great outdoors.

You're touring solidly for the next few months with this album - what can we expect from the live shows-
The Live shows are wonderful, we have a great fresh new band and the gigs have been going great. It's amazing we still have such an impact after all these years.

I've read that Morcheeba is Iggy Pop's favourite group to listen to whilst relaxing. If you could create your own Super Group, who would be in it-
Brian Wilson, Brian Jones, Syd Barrett and Keith Moon should make for an interesting project.