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Fischerspooner's Electroclash Revenge

Author: Benedetta Ferraro/Skrufff
Friday, February 1, 2008
Warren Fischer from Fischerspooner chatted to Skrufff this week about the duo's upcoming Kitsune release 'The Best Revenge' and revealed that their press anointed status as godfathers of electroclash brought them both lasting success and fortune.

'Generally speaking, the word 'Electroclash' still inspires fear and loathing, and today we have a love/hate kind of relationship with the term, as you can expect, but would I do it differently if I could turn back time- Of course, not,' he laughed.

'We never expected our little art performance from downtown New York to make it so big. Can you imagine going from nothing to being at the centre of the debate- It was pretty incredible for us.'

'We tried to operate a little bit differently from other bands in our position and that was thanks to the hype 'Electroclash' generated,' Warren continued.

'Although its hype was good and bad, it produced enough good press that record companies were fumbling to try and sign somebody because this trend had a profile and it created a demand. Labels generally are very nervous about having to build an artist because it involves a lot of work, it's very expensive and it often doesn't pay off. Being associated with the 'electroclash' camp put us in a position of strength when we signed our deal with Capitol (EMI). We were able to protect ourselves by retaining our masters and by signing a short-term deal where we kept our advance in full. So we were very happy to have that association with 'electroclash' at the time,' he said.

The New York based star said they originally considered themselves 'new electro' though added that the barrage of abuse their much hyped status brought them left them feeling amused more than angry.

'I've never felt sensitive to criticism,' he explained.

'There was something very punk rock about what we were doing, we were trying to do things radically different, so when you're happy with your outsider status well, some people are going to hate you and others are going to love you. Nothing felt personal to me,' he said.