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DJ Katch - Resin Dogs

Author: Andrew Lees
Thursday, April 17, 2008

Many Aussie hiphop crews are used to measuring success by the amount of free beer the venue provides. But the Resin Dogs aren’t your average outfit and their astonishingly accomplished album More shows exactly why the boys are right on the brink of major international success. Yep, right now and they’re celebrating with a massive national tour before jetting off to Malibu for a week. It’s got something to do with a beach, and being voted the best hiphop producers in the world.But to DJ Katch, a lot of it happened while he wasn’t looking. With winning the session at Malibu’s Document Room studios, the first he heard of the comp was when he heard they’d won it. ‘Our manager entered us into the comp while he was over in the US for a seminar,’ says Katch. ‘He didn’t even tell us and when we came back from touring last year he rang them up and they said we were semifinalists. A few weeks later, we found out we’d won.’ And with seven days’ access to cuttingedge studios the Dogs will be dropping it like it’s hot, and dropping it on a whole new league of music vendors. ‘We’ve got a lot of new material – on our last tour we did a lot of stuff with Abstract Rude, for example. We won’t be laying on no beach, I can tell you that. We probably won’t sleep for the entire time we’re there.‘He’s taking our work to the kind of people he shops music to, and that’s a huge bonus.’ But even the best salesman can’t move a stinker, and More could go platinum out of the boot of your sister’s Honda. We’ve been busting moves to the Dogs’ eclectic fusion of hiphop, funk and jazz since 2000’s hugely successful Grand Theft Audio and the accolades have just kept on coming for Brissie’s best. For example, why not sell Definition off the new album to FIFA 2006 by EA Games. Go ahead, it’ll move 10 million copies. You may as well rack up a few ADMA Best Hip Hop and Best Live Act gongs while you’re at it, and why not rock the arse off every music festival worth rocking arses at. Why not indeed.In fact, it seems the only time the Dogs aren’t actually winning an award is when they’re too busy recording or touring to make it to the ceremony. Katch was too polite to say so himself, but you could tell he was thinking it when he says, ‘We made More sound a lot more global so it would have more reach, but we didn’t think we’d get accepted into half the stuff we’ve done. You just don’t think guys from Australia writing hiphop tunes can do that stuff.’Your fans did, Katch. That’s why we’re all warming up our shoulders so we can throw our hands in the air when the Resin Dogs’ huge 30date national tour hits our town. With a sizzling live show and support acts including Aussie DMC legend Dexter, it’s all go until midJune and Katch says he can’t wait to hit the ones and twos. ‘People are coming up and saying they really dig the record, and it’s always great to get feedback from the fans.‘The media can be all like “hey, it’s great”, but it’s the public who have really grabbed hold of our music and they’re the critics that matter.’