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Autechre Back In Play

Author: News
Wednesday, February 27, 2008
"Electronic mavericks Autechre stand out like supernovas amid one of music's customarily starless constellations."

While the wank PR always oozes label indulgence, it's always a bonus to hear that one of electronic music's favourite duos will be releasing a new record.

It's been three years since the Sheffield group released anything, which is why Quarstice - their ninth album - is being hailed as a killer return to the sinewaves, harking back to a time when 'experimentation' wasn't about Thomas Schumacher records or sniffer dogs at parties.

Anyone that can make Thom Yorke cite an influence to the seminal Kid A is doing something right.

According to the label news, 'Autechre is full of fresh ideas and this is evident...maintaining the intelligent bleeps and squelches that the duo is highly celebrated for, but it also possesses a fresh, full and warm feel that compliments the machine-like compositions.'

Mark this down in the diaries as a must, kids.