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Toy Boys For All

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Monday, November 26, 2007
Britain's Daily Mail reported this week that growing number of women are dumping their 'boring hermit . . . grumpy old men' husbands in favour of 'brave young explorers' they're picking up at the 'local night-club'.

"According to a recent survey, 280,000 British women over 45 are looking for toyboys to date,' the Mail declared, "And it appears that this is not an unrealistic hunt - 47 per cent of young men say the age of their partner is not an issue."

The article coincided with an article about the dangers of men letting themselves go by weight watcher organisation CalorieLab Calorie Counter News that asked 'Could being morbidly obese make you less of a man-'

Pointing out that man boobs 'create a kind of gender ambiguity', CCCN warned that male breast cancer increased by 26% between 1973 and 1988 though saved their direst warnings for the effects of weight gains on manhood.

"On the one hand, obesity can increase estrogen in men, and there is evidence that excess estrogen can in fact shrink that all-important appendage," said CCCN.

"On the other hand, there are those who hold that the suprapubic fat pad that obese men develop just above said organ merely tends to conceal it and make it appear shorter by comparison, if indeed it can still be seen at all. And perhaps the latter is the case: it's not smaller, it just looks that way."

Back in the Mail, meanwhile, plastic surgeons said increasing numbers of men are routinely having liposuction and botox injections, with one company London Plastic Surgery Associates reporting a 30% increase in treatments over the last 12 months.

'These anti-ageing measures are no longer just part of the woman's domain," said LPSA spokesperson Savina O'Neill, "Most men are now aware of the long term importance of a good skincare regime, and appreciate a little external help when it's needed," she added,

Jonty Skrufff