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Terror sex turns taboos

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Friday, February 9, 2007
New Yorkers traumatised by the World Trade Center attacks turned to drugs, alcohol and sex, the Sunday Times reported this week, with many indulging in orgies, threesomes and one-night-stands in the months after 9/11.

“When the external trappings of regulation, order and control are lowered, one’s forbidden longings and impulses can more safely flourish,” US psychologist Dr Michael Bader explained, describing a phenomenon he dubbed ‘terror sex’.

“This explains the surprising finding that people seem more sexual after a disaster.”

The feature appeared as Brit TV presenter/US subculture expert Louis Theroux chatted about his experiences reporting on America’s massive swinging scene, which he suggested is decidedly less easy-going than popular perception might suggest.

“Swingers have just as many rules as the rest of us,” he told the Independent this week. “They’re sexual utopians who have attempted to create a new set of rules to govern relationships. But they can also freak out if you leave a biscuit in the wrong place.”

In more sex news, US robot expert Professor Henrik Christensen predicted this week that people will be having sex with lifelike robot sex dolls in the next five years, following ‘big advances’ in sex doll technology.

“And further into the future, certainly in our lifetime, we’ll be seeing machines with feelings and emotions,” the Professor told the Metro. “The new generations of computer users will be very eager to get robots in their lives. They’ll think: ‘if it’s in my computer, why can’t I have it in my real life-’ It’s evolution.”