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Take the train & Rock Enrol at Big Day Out

Author: 3D World
Thursday, January 18, 2007
Only a mug would drive to Big Day Out. What are you going to do,stay sober all day- (Non-drinkers excepted.) There’ll be extra directtrain services running to Olympic Park so you’ve no excuse not to hitup the public transport. There’ll be trains running every ten minutesfrom Central, Redfern and Strathfield, as well as special direct trainsfrom Blacktown at 9:41am, Campbelltown at 9:47am, 10:20am and 10:50am,Newcastle Station at 7:10am and Wyong Station at 8:32am. Be warned,though, there’ll probably be extra guards, so wait till you get insideto get your drink on.
Also, besides all the silly things you doat Big Day Out this year, like lose your thongs, spend all your moneyon beer and get an air-spray tattoo, make sure you do somethingpositive, i.e- register to vote (if you’re not already). There’ll beroving Rock Enrol teams at each Big Day Out event, and bands like Jet,John Butler Trio, Little Birdy and The Sleepy Jackson will be pushingthe message to get registered, so sign up on the day or Remember, if just a few more voters had turned out inthe USA back in 2000 then George W. Bush never would have been electedPresident.