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Take Control of Your State of Mind

Wednesday, April 18, 2007
One of the first UK artists to take an interest in State Of Mind was Oxford-based duo (and arguably the most prolific artists in the history of drum'n'bass), Total Science. While touring New Zealand in late 2004, Q Project and Spinback were introduced to the State Of Mind sound. Blown away by the strength of the music they heard, the Oxford legends instantly sought to work with the talented duo.

Label signings have amassed since this encounter. Releases are now on the shelves now from Total Science's CIA Recordings, Teebee's Subtitles Records, Futurebounds Viper label, Doc Scotts 31 Records, Simon Bassline Smiths Technique Recordings, Bad Company, Obsessions, and more. There are of course more works soon to be released on CIA, Subtitles, Horizons, Uprising & Friction's Shogun Audio. Watch this space.

1. Paint the Walls Black
2. Barricade
3. Dune
4. Sunking
5. Afterlife
6. Dark Man
7. Back To the Jungle
8. Real Mccoy
9. Mindslicer
10. Snakecharmer
11. Flashpoint

RELEASE DATE: 19/05/07