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Swayzak Almost Here!

Author: NewZfusion
Friday, March 30, 2007
Any electronic outfit worth its weight can move a room, but only the few and the proud, such as Swayzak, can create one.

For the first time, they're coming to our country.

Over the last 10 years, they've created a unique combination of techno, deep house and electro, belting out 5 studio albums, 2 brilliant DJ compilations and releasing a number of side projects. Always on point, Swayzak's sound, like their name, keeps you guessing.

In 1998, for their debut LP "Snowboarding in Argentina" was awarded Album of the Year by USA mag 'MIXER'. Receiving critical acclaim for their second long-player "Himawari" in 2000, this brilliant album featured collaborations from proclaimed dub poet Benjamin Zephaniah, Kirsty Hawkshaw and JB Rose, bringing further expression to the already warm, organic soundscapes created by Swayzak. Further cementing their place with releases through !K7, Swayzak went onto release their internationally acclaimed third album "Dirty Dancing" in 2002. 'Loops from the Bergerie' (2004), featured the vocals of Richard Davis and Clair Dietrich and 'Route De La Slack' combined a divine selection of remixes and rarities. The highly anticipated new album is slated for releases in June 2007.

While Taylor runs 240 volts label and records his own material under his own name and 'Darkfarmer', David Brown continues a hectic live schedule with percussionist Francesco Brini as "SWAYZAK" live and with DJ Roger 23 who will join him on this Australian DJ Soundsystem Tour.

So prepare for boarding and allow yourself to be seduced by the music of the SWAYZAK Soundsystem - the sound that transcends gender, race, class, language and geography, Deep electronic soul for your dancing feet.

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06 APR 2007 Gold Coast - Berlin Lounge
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