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Studio Releases West Coast Album

Author: News
Friday, August 24, 2007
Dan Lissvik and Rasmus Hägg are the two members of Studio. After shaping Swedish independent label Service they left, disappeared for years, and resurfaced with their own imprint, Information. Released through Inertia, 'West Coast' is the their debut release, a downtempo album unlike no other.

Studio have somehow found the missing link between The Cure (at their most hazy & tribal), the baggy indie-funk of The Rapture & The Happy Mondays, the gentle Krautrock of Can & Neu, ultra relaxed disco, and '80's house. It recalls idyllic '80s era Ibiza, before the mass commercialism and cheesy mix CDs. Indeed, their sound is being called 'Nu Balaeric'.

The six songs on 'West Coast' - like their creators who are both just in their mid-20s - are far too young and true to be compared to anything that's gone before. Who else from this generation would have the guts to even try stretching out a song to a staggeringly elegant 16 minutes ("Out There")- And actually do so without losing any of their pure pop sensibility-

Dan and Rasmus never really understood why great music should stop at a certain point when it could just go on forever.

The buzz has been growing rapidly in the UK & Europe for Studio, which is making it the chill / come down record du jour for the inner city set who are drawn to the indie-electro sound, yet it is so accessible and infectious it's appeal is endless.