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Scooter - The Ultimate Aural Orgasm

Author: News
Friday, November 9, 2007
With the launch of their new limited edition album and tour titled The Ultimate Aural Orgasm, Scooter - the biggest dance act of all time with over 12 million record sales and countless awards all over the world - is coming to Australia for the very first time. Their tour will kick off in Adelaide at HQ Complex on November 16, travelling to Sydney, Perth and Brisbane.

Formed in 1994, with MC HP Baxxter and fellow Scooter band member Rick J Jordan, the group has been working with each other since getting over the pop invasion in the '80s.

"We met in Hanover in 1986 for the pop-group 'Celebrate the Nun', but after a while, when the techno thing started, we thought it would be good for a change.

"The first Scooter single 'Hyper Hyper' was really successful."

Scooter is in the process of finishing their 13th studio album, and has been for a long time on the case, pumping out experimental tracks and old-style classic "Scooter-sounds", with some electro tunes and ballads along the way.

The Ultimate Aural Orgasm delivers the first instalment of "The Fourth Chapter" with a new member of the band, Michael Simon. "Sometimes, we need a change to get the right sound and to make the right decisions."

From a chilling introduction through to trance, hard trance and even some electro, Scooter has delivered yet another floor-filler that is a must have for fans of the sound, with the special limited tour-edition containing bonus footage and audio of the band.

Their new single 'The Question is What is the Question-' is also out now, featuring the 'Jumpstyle' dance movement sweeping Europe by storm.
The band performs live like no other dance act, with synthesisers, turntables, lots of pyrotechnics and of course MC HP shouting the lyrics on the Green Bullet Harmonical Microphone, a unique sound all of its own.

Their first-ever Australian visit will include four DJ sets around the country, starting at HQ in Adelaide on November 16. "We will be mixing many of our own tracks," HP tells in a revealing interview.

"We have wanted to come to Australia since the success of 'The Logical Song' in 2002, but sometimes it is hard to plan such big shows in other countries.

"We are very happy to be able to come to Australia after so many years".

Scooter will be in town to perform to the masses. Check out the following dates and venues to catch him in action:

Friday November 16th - HQ Nightclub Adelaide
Saturday November 17th - Scattered XI @ Whitlam Centre Sydney - 7,000 Capacity!
Friday November 23rd - Rise Nightclub Perth
Saturday November 24th - Summer Vibes Festival Brisbane